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Full Web Service

CNL provides a full ‘soup to nuts’ web service. Starting from a initial consultation, CNL will give advise on your business needs and requirements. CNL will assist you with a web site theme, content and images. CNL will set up your Domain and Hosting account, email addresses, install WordPress or Joomla and configure the site.

SEO and Analytics

CNL will build the site, integrate with payment systems if required and test transactions. Once the site is built CNL will deploy Google analytics, Webmaster tools, undertake indexing and undertake initial Search Engine Optimization

Maintenance & Support

Once a site is ‘live’ CNL offers a maintenance service whereby the site is kept up to date will all new releases of WordPress or Joomla and all plugins and extensions are updated as they are released. In addition CNL will undertake regular backups and re-submission of sitemaps and re-indexing.

Handover and Documentation

CNL understands that a site once paid for, belongs to the customer. CNL produces clear documentation regarding access to all administration accounts, all analytic and webmaster accounts, and signs-off on the content as belonging to the customer. This step is vital to you to guarantee your ownership of the site and it’s content.