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Custom Website Design

We build custom websites designed just for you! Many web designers go and buy a pre-designed WordPress Theme (you pay!) and build your site based on that. Although we are happy to also do this, we prefer to build a web site just for you - in other words a Custom Website.

In days gone by, custom websites got a bad rap and they were difficult to maintain by anyone other than the person who build it. These days with rapid development, graphical based tools, this is no longer the case. Be warned though, some developers still like to write custom code and this can lead to longterm issues.

We design sites based on your likes and dislikes. We design sites that suit your business function whether it be a condo rental company, restaurant, law firm etc.

We build a prototype where we can test our design and you can get to look at it and critique it. This is important.

We end up with a fully functional web site that, once approved by yourself, we put live by publishing it on theĀ Internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a custom website?

It is a website we build uniquely for you. Many websites are built using purchased templated but we prefer to design our own websites so that they are tailored to your business.

How do you build the website?

We use state-of-the-art graphical design tools to craft the site anyway you want. If you have a particular design in mind, we can most likely recreate it for you.

Are custom websites reliable?

Absolutely! Actually more so than a purchased template because we control every aspect of the website. With a purchased template you are relying on the people who built it to have done a good job, but this isn't always the case.

Does it take more time to build a custom site?

No, actually it is normally quicker as once we have a design in mind our rapid development tools can get the website up and running very quickly.

Is there a lot of bespoke coding in a custom website?

No. The site is built completely using graphical tools and we don't use any custom code.

Design - Build - Publish

Custom web sites built for you - no one else!

Modern graphical development tools means rapid development and supportable code

Prototyping every stage so that you can input as the design progresses

Only goes live when you are happy with it.

Ready to learn more? Contact us today for a free quote!


Domain - Hosting - Security

Domain registration and management of the domain for you.

We host with SiteGround a world-leading hosting company. In our opinion they offer the best hosting environment, the most reliable servers and the best technical support. We don't do our own hosting. We leave it to the experts.

Security of your site is vital. another reason for us hosting with the best, most secure hosting company we can find.


Design - Build - Implement

We will design a site for you. Your website will be custom built and unique to yourself. If you already have a WordPress theme we can work with that but the majority of our work is custom builds.

Progress meetings with you to ensure what you want and what we are building are the same.

Publish your site and then start our post-implementation SEO work.

Tune your site to run as fast as possible.

Mobile Friendly? It goes without saying, all our sites are optimized for mobile devices.

Maintain - Monitor - Support

Monthly maintenance of WordPress and the site's plugins.

Monitor your site as required for down-time, performance, SEO and security.

Daily backups and provide a full support service to you.