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Web Site Maintenance

Social Media - SEO

Custom Web Sites for Small Businesses


Social Media - SEO

If requested we will undertake social media registrations for Facebook, Twitter, Google +, TripAdvisor, Yelp etc. We can also maintain these as and when necessary.

As part of our site implementation process, we register your site with Google Analytics, Google and Bing Webmasters and ensure your site is indexed.

We also deploy Yoast, an SEO plugin for wordpress and part of our build process is to start defining key words and phrases that will assist with Search Engine Optimization.

We deploy sites as HTTPS (secure HTTP) and ensure they are designed to be mobile friendly. We design with SEO in mind for 'on-page' SEO.

If requested we will conduct content and backlink reviews and seek out additional backlinks to the site.

It must be remembered though that SEO is not a one shot fix. SEO is a continual improvement process and can take many months to show benefits.

Domain - Hosting - Security

Domain registration and manage the domain for you.

Hosting with a world-leading hosting company. In our opinion they offer the best hosting environment, the most reliable servers and the best technical support. We don't do our own hosting. We leave it to the experts.

Security of your site is vital. another reason for us hosting with the best, most secure hosting company we can find.

Hosting plans from about $3.75/month

High performance servers

Outstanding technical support

World-class security

99.99% availability


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