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website support packages

Website Support Packages

We use a professional management system to provide website support all our web sites.

In terms of a website support package we provide a full management service including domain registration(s), website hosting plans and backup and recovery. We will troubleshoot issues and will provide a full report on all the monitoring aspects of your website.

We provide daily backups to Amazon Cloud and full recovery services should anything go wrong.

We undertake core WordPress updates as soon as they have been fully tested.

We update plugins on a monthly bases as new releases emerge.

We can monitor your site for:


SEO Rankings

Malware and Viruses


We also integrate with Google analytics for site activity.

We produce a monthly report on all web site activities undertaken for you.

Many 'support' companies don't actually update the websites they manage, until something goes wrong. We don't work that way. Our website support packages give you peace of mind that your sites is completely up to date and we address issues as they arise.

Over the last year we have had 100% uptime on all our managed sites.

Our website support package is the best there is!

Website Support Packages

We fully maintain sites on a monthly basis or more frequently if needed.

We update site software on new release and do not employ a 'Fix on Fail' approach.

We provide a comprehensive activity report on a monthly basis.

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Domain - Hosting - Security

Domain registration and management of the domain for you.

We host with SiteGround a world-leading hosting company. In our opinion they offer the best hosting environment, the most reliable servers and the best technical support. We don't do our own hosting. We leave it to the experts.

Security of your site is vital. another reason for us hosting with the best, most secure hosting company we can find.


Design - Build - Implement

We will design a site for you. Your website will be custom built and unique to yourself. If you already have a WordPress theme we can work with that but the majority of our work is custom builds.

Progress meetings with you to ensure what you want and what we are building are the same.

Publish your site and then start our post-implementation SEO work.

Tune your site to run as fast as possible.

Mobile Friendly? It goes without saying, all our sites are optimized for mobile devices.

Maintain - Monitor - Support

Monthly maintenance of WordPress and the site's plugins.

Monitor your site as required for down-time, performance, SEO and security.

Daily backups and provide a full support service to you.