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Why worry about all the complexities of having an online presence? CNL website services takes on everything that needs to be done to build, manage, maintain and promote your business, blog, photo gallery or e-commerce store. Our website services include custom website design, search engine optimization (SEO) and a complete maintenance and support service

Website Design

Based in Panama City Beach we design and build custom websites which are unique for you!

In days gone by, custom websites got a bad rap and they were difficult to maintain by anyone other than the person who build it. These days with rapid development, graphical based tools, this is no longer the case.

We design websites based on your likes and dislikes. We design websites that suit your business function whether it be a condo rental company, restaurant, law firm etc.

We build a prototype where we can test our design and you can get to critique before we move forward.

Responsive website design
Designed for SEO
Custom designed for your business
Website design

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

CNL Builds search engine optimized websites.

IWe undertake full SEO optimization of your website. We build SEO friendly websites with structured data that Google needs. Our sites are also responsive and mobile friendly.

Additionally we will undertake keyword research and competitor analysis and advise you on a strategy to get your website to the top of the listings.

It must be remembered though that SEO is not a one shot fix. SEO is a continual improvement process and can take many months to show benefits.

Website: Design and content SEO optimized
Research: Competitor, keyword and traffic analysis
Backlinks: Links to external directory, business and social media website

Website Maintenance & Support

Professional website support and maintenance is provided via a website management system which takes care of all the requirements for WordPress support and maintenance including backup, restore, clone, plugin-updates, core WordPress updates, performance, uptime, malware protection etc

We also provide a full management service including domain registration(s), website hosting plans and backup and recovery. We will troubleshoot issues and will provide a full report on all the monitoring aspects of your website.

We provide daily backups to Amazon Cloud and full recovery services should anything go wrong.

We undertake core WordPress updates as soon as they have been fully tested.

We update plugins as new releases become available.

WordPress: Core WordPress updates applied
Plugins: Plugins updated with all new releases
Backup: Daily backup to cloud-based server
website support
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